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Gardening Tip: Let Your Garden Water Itself With A Smart Irrigation Controller

Determining how much to water a garden remains one of the most vexing issues for any gardener. It requires daily trips out to the garden to check soil moisture, appraise the probability and amount of rain over the next several days, and gauge how much water is needed that day. Overwatering also contributes to a swollen water bill each month.

Fortunately, devices have finally made their way into the garden. Smart irrigation controllers can adjust the watering schedule based on local conditions. They monitor soil moisture, the water consumption of the plants, local weather, and other factors to determine the amount of water required each day. If the area receives heavy rain the controller may cancel sprinkling while an unusually warm day may result in the controller extending the session.

Gardeners can choose between two types of smart irrigation controllers for their gardens. The first, weather based smart irrigation controllers, use a variety of locally measured conditions combined with forecasts from internet services to determine how much water to use. They may locally measure temperature, wind and humidity, before accessing the local forecast to adjust the preset watering schedule.

The second type of smart irrigation controller is the soil moisture controller. These systems measure the level of soil moisture through buried sensors. They report soil moisture content back to the main control panel to allow it to make adjustments in the watering schedule. Some soil moisture systems work without the benefit of a preset system. In such systems watering begins whenever soil moisture drops below a preset amount. Watering will not occur if the moisture level is above a preset amount.

Smart irrigation controllers boast several benefits. First, they allow remote access to determine the status of the system and make adjustments. From your couch or the beach you can suspend watering in light of forecasted rain or add additional water if the forecast shows no precipitation for several days. With most systems remote control requires only a smartphone or computer.

Second, smart irrigation controllers save money. The initial investment returns in the form of decreased watering. Gone are the days of guessing at how much to water. Also gone are the days of forgetting to return to the garden timely after having 15 minutes of excess water poured on the garden.

Finally, the garden’s health is optimized. By ensuring that only the right amount of water reaches the garden the plants can thrive without the threat of root rot or other conditions brought on by drenched soil.

Technology continues to make our lives better. Now, it can make your garden healthier while freeing time for other pursuits. Anyone interested in a thriving garden should invest in a smart irrigation controller.

Why You Should Invest Into A Wireless Home Security Camera System

Investing in a wireless security system or a smart security lock for your home can save your family thousands of dollars in property that can be stolen. Everything you will ever have is mostly tied up in your home and property. Why let thieves steal to get away with everything you work so hard to provide your family? Think about investing in a system to protect those you love today.

A home security system includes cameras inside and outside of the home. The system will have sensors for all entryways that include windows. It usually has motion detection to alert movement in those areas. Today’s smart system technologies allow homeowners the ability to control what happens inside the home.

You can control the heating and cooling thermostat. The applications used to control this technology are available on your phone, or a device, set with the surveillance system. The system you buy can operate all entry doors into the home. They can unlock or lock those doors.

The Top Reason People Steal From Homes

You can blame it on drug addiction. Most people who steal are after an easy alternative to gain money to support a drug habit. The drug epidemic makes home burglaries a continuing rising statistic. Opioid drugs prescribed by Physicians have increased this criminal activity.

Camera Systems Prevent Tragedies

When both spouses must work jobs, the children are left at home after school. The kids are known to take advantage of parents when they aren’t at home to supervise them. A camera surveillance system allows parents peace of mind by being able to view what the children are doing at the house.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Homeowner’s insurance will cover everything inside the contract. Insurance companies allow discounts for homeowners who have a security system installed at their home and property. They realize you pose a lower risk for them to pay out benefits because you are aware of what happens around your property.

Protecting Pets

Having home security use to involve having great dogs you could count on. They protected the property while you were away. A home protection system gives you peace of mind knowing your family pets are safe. Having dogs inside the house gives you added protection from intruders. A surveillance system allows you to keep these valuable animals safe while you’re away.

Are Systems Worth The Investment?

This is the wisest choice for anyone who owns the property and home. You can’t put a price on a family that you cherish. You can’t replace them, so put a protective covenant over them all by installing a home security system.

Home Automation For Trips

Camera and surveillance systems have improved during the past decade. The systems available in today’s technology for homes were used in government facilities years ago. Smart technology continues to improve to allow homeowners more control over what happens when they are away.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Therapy

A Himalayan salt lamp is basically a large chunk of Himalayan Pink Salt with small bulbs installed in them. They work like a campfire, emitting a warm glow to create a relaxing and soothing environment. They are incredibly attractive and can even function as a great lighting installation for your home.

However, little do people know, these salt lamps also actually offer therapeutic benefits for its users. In particular, they help neutralizes EMF radiation while also preventing the loss of melatonin. The most common symptoms of low melatonin levels include insomnia, irritability, Lethargy, extreme fatigue, and migraines.

Readers have to understand how groundbreaking this is as numerous clinical studies have shown that reduced melatonin levels can easily lead to cancer. At the same time, it is also worth noting that EMF radiations from various electronic gadgets like TVs, PCs, smartphones, and tablets can significantly lower melatonin levels. As such, the regular use of Himalayan Salt Lamp Therapy essentially solves these two problems at once.

We highly recommend that you get one of these Himalayan Salt Lamps for your home to see the benefits yourself.

Incorporating Plants to Your Home Decor

You can never really go wrong with adding some plants to your home. They serve as great pieces of décor, adding beautiful colors and life into the space. Moreover, they also bring a couple of health benefits by purifying the air and increasing the oxygen levels in your home.

Indoor Herb Garden

Making a kitchen herb garden is one of the most practical ways to add plants to your home. You can place them right on your windowsill to ensure that they get all the sunlight they need. The best thing about herbs is that they are both gorgeous and incredibly useful. Moreover, they are very easy to maintain as most herbs grow like weeds – flourishing even in the harshest conditions.

Make sure to add kitchen basics like cilantro, parsley, basil, and oregano to your garden.


Glass terrariums come in all manner of shapes and sizes. They also make for great focal points when placed in any room. You can go crazy with your theme and personalize it as you see fit. Just make sure to choose plants which thrive in high humidity such as African violets.

Presented here are a couple of ways for you to add some green to your home.

Easy Travel Tips

Traveling to new places is always an exciting affair. After all, the point of traveling is to get new experiences and see new sights. Yet, it can easily turn expensive, even disastrous, if you are not careful. Even the most minor of mistakes can easily lead to problems on the road.

This article seeks to help you avoid such predicaments by presenting a couple of easy-to-follow travel tips to make your vacation more fun and enjoyable.

Preparing for the Trip

Before embarking on your trip, you have to ensure that you have everything you need. To make sure that you do not miss anything, we recommend that you make a list of the essentials. This should include everything from your essential documents to the clothes you will be wearing. Pro Tip: Get a tracking tile for your luggage, so you can keep track of it via Bluetooth.

Another important way to prepare for your trip is to familiarize yourself with the culture beforehand. For instance, you can learn some of the commonly used phrases of the local language. While you may not be able to hold a conversation yet, a simple “thank you” and “please” would certainly go a long way.

Travel Safety

As a general rule, you should always buy travel insurance. This should serve you well in case something unpredictable happens. Keep in mind that a medical emergency can easily wipe out your savings. Think of it this way: the cost of an insurance policy is but a fraction of the possible costs you might incur at the hospital.

Speaking of medical emergencies, you should always pack your own First Aid Kit whenever you travel. After all, not all medical emergencies warrant a trip to the hospital. For instance, you may find yourself in need of painkillers when that jetlag starts to set in.

These are just some of the things you can do whenever you travel. Just keep in mind that you should always be flexible and leave room for spontaneity on these trips. This mindset guarantees that you will have fun regardless of the situation. After all, minor snags and delays can always take you by surprise. That way, you can always take things in stride and keep a level head.